Blessings come in all shapes and sizes

As some of you know by now, we’ve had a tough two months, but hopefully that is at an end now!

Pretoria-20130104-00143Like I said in my post Sometimes even bad events can turn into something good, it happens sometimes that good come from bad events in our lives—seen from a human point of view.

Well, apart from the new Sony SLT-A37K I received from my insurance, I finally got the rest of my stuff stolen from the first burglary replaced. So, now that whole set has been replaced! I was given a genuine Sony, model SAL55300, DT 4.5-5.6/55-300 SAM, zoom lens; the original external flash was replaced; the camera bag was replaced with a much better one and I was also given a UV filter that I didn’t have before. I am very happy with what I got this time. When I bought my original camera, zoom lens and external flash, it all came to R4,500 ($517). The value of the replacements came to R15,000 ($1,724). Everything I had was upgraded except the external flash. They gave me exactly the same as I had before (for only 4 days, BTW!). And, for all of this, all I had to do was pay an excess of R1,850.

That concludes the saga of the first burglary!

At the 2nd burglary (21 Dec 2012), just two weeks after the first, my Samsung Pro815 camera (with bag), my old Lenovo 3000 C100 laptop (with bag) and an older Sony video camera that still used tape (with bag) were stolen. These were finally replaced and I picked up the replacements on Wednesday (9 Jan). Once again, it is a major upgrade for each of the items that were stolen.

IMG-20130110-00147My old Lenovo (80Gb HD, 512Mb RAM) was replaced with a Toshiba Satellite L755—S1M2 (500Gb HD, 4Gb RAM). In place of the Samsung camera (8.1MP, 15x optical zoom) I asked if I could look at some other compact cameras and I decided to take the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX20V (18.2MP, 20x optical zoom, full HD movie 1920×1080). The old Sony mini-tape camera was replaced by the Sony Handycam DCR-SX22E ( 60x optical zoom, Steady shot Stabilisation). Each of these items were replaced with their bags and I was also given two 16Gb SD cards. The Sony Cybershot was way cheaper than replacing the Samsung Pro815, and so with the difference it created between the original quote and what I actually took, I ended up not having to pay the excess of R1,850. What a deal! I got equipment to the value of about R13,500 ($1,552)!

So, now that everything has been replaced I am very happy, especially with the replacements themselves.

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