A tough two months

The last two months have been a bit tough on us as a family. It first started with me having a breakdown with my car (1) on my way to work. So, I had to have the car towed and fixed. That cost money we did not have! Soon after that I was involved in a car accident (2). More money we did not have.

Then came December! We were hit by burglars twice during December; on the 7th (3) and 21st (4)! Read about that here.

DSC00494Then came December 29… I decided to make some sandwiches for lunch for the whole family. I was using a cheese cutter to cut cheese for the sandwiches, and as I was cutting, the cheese cutter got stuck and I added some pull to the cutter. Then, in the blink of an eye the cheese gave way, and before I knew it, I sliced a chunk of my thumb away (5). There was blood all over the floor. I ran to the closest tap and let the water just take away some of the blood. I next grabbed some paper towels to stop the bleeding. It took some time before the bleeding stopped. As I am writing this blog post, it is eight days after that fateful event, and my body has almost completely repaired that slice of history.

DSC00512Finally, 2013 had arrived! As usual, the family* got together, this year at our house. We were all in a good mood, had dinner and then as per our tradition, went to the movies, this time to see “Here comes the boom” at the 8 o’clock show and then returned home. Then it was time for the teenagers to play with sparklers and we took some pics of that—like the one shown here.

DSC00542Then came midnight, the start of 2013. After all the well wishes to one another, the family got together to shoot the party poppers and this was then captured on camera. As you well know, this is a very joyous time with lots of exuberance.

We had just taken the first party popper photograph when my father-in-law’s phone rang. We all thought that it was some well wisher for the new year. However, it was ADT calling to tell him that the alarm at his house had triggered. So, as it would be expected of men everywhere, my father-in-law, brother-in-law and I jumped into a car and drove over to his house to check out the situation. You never know in these situations what lies ahead.

Anyway, there we were, off like superheroes of the night ready to save the day? When we arrived we all jumped out of the car. The other two went into the house via the garage and I went around the outside of the property to check for entry points, or something like that. I still don’t know what we would have done of we had cornered a live human alarm-triggerer!

My foot in iceWell, then it happened. It was very dark on the outside of the fence as I zoomed around, and before I knew it I was tumbling to the ground, hearing a click sound coming from my ankle. In the darkness, I never saw the hole that I stepped into. All I knew at the time was that I was in intense pain. The other two also returned to the car. It was the dog that knocked the garage door open, which then triggered the alarm. My brother-in-law helped me into the car. As we were driving home I called home to let them know that they should immediately prepare an ice pack. So, about 15 minutes into the new year, there I was with an injured ankle.

Everybody left and it was time for bed. My wife had bandaged my ankle and at about 2am we got to bed. When we woke up it was time to prepare for my wife’s parents to come for our annual braai (barbecue) with them. I got my son to do some of the braai-ing. My foot was swollen, but I didn’t think much of it. We have our own set of crutches that I used to get around. I thought that I just twisted my ankle a bit and that it’ll sort itself out. However, after the in-laws had left, my wife suggested that she take me to the emergency rooms at Kloof Hospital to have it checked out, just in case.

Waiting for the ankle op
Here I am lying in the waiting room
just before the op on my ankle.

Well, in case happened and it turned out that I had a fractured ankle (6)! We got to the hospital at about 5pm, and before I knew it the orthopaedic surgeon on call was there to check me out—he had surgery at 7pm—and informed me that I would need to be operated on. It would be a quick and easy op, but that it would ensure that my ankle doesn’t cause problems later on. So, on 1 January 2013, at 9pm I was in theatre having an op on my ankle. What a start to the year!

The end result of this is that I am booked off work until 13 February! I can work from home, but my supervisor suggested that I at least take sick-leave until the end of January to recover suitably, and in the meantime they will make sure that my replacement laptop (the previous one was stolen) is loaded with all necessary software, and then they would get the laptop to me by then.

So, a tough two months indeed! However, in all this, God remains good, and while in this life, we will undoubtedly come up against obstacles!

My ankle in a back-slap cast
My ankle in a slap-back cast on my hospital bed.
scan0001_txt scan0002_txt
The screw as viewed from the front of my ankle. A side view of the screw in my ankle.

And finally, below is the scar of my ankle operation!

Ankle op scar

The scar of my ankle operation!


*family – includes me, my wife and kids; my wife’s parents; my wife’s sister, husband and kids; and my mom.

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