Sometimes even bad events can turn into something good

As you may have read in my previous post, crime in South Africa paid me two visits in the past two weeks and a day. The first one was on 7 December (visit number 1 – V#1) and the next on 21 December (visit number 2 – V#2).

Sony A200 DSLRWell, just yesterday, good came from V#1! In V#1 my Sony A200 DSLR camera with lenses and external flash and 2 compact flash cards were stolen.

Two days ago, the claim that I made against my insurance was eventually finalized, and so I drove through to Fourways from my home in Pretoria (about 52Kms), to pick up my new camera at Digital Experience. Unfortunately, they did not have my lenses in stock, and that had to be back-ordered and I will probably only get them sometime in January 2013.

However, the replacement that the insurance company got for me is definitely a huge step up from my α200.

My new baby: SONY SLT-A37K DSLRI was given a Sony SLT-A37K! Apart from the step up in megapixels (α200 had 10.2 MP and the α37 has 16.1MP), there are a number of other improvements. Ok, I know that for many of you this is probably a very cheap camera and that you are probably thinking what the heck I was so excited about. Well, this is only my second DSLR and I do not have the money to be extravagant. So, for me, this is way beyond my budget!



7fps in continuous mode 3fps in continuous mode
Full HD Movies None
LCD screen mode and viewfinder mode Only viewfinder mode
Adjustable LCD screen Non-adjustable LCD screen
Panorama pictures None
3D-Panorama pictures None
ISO100 – 16000 ISO100-3200
Multi-point: 9 Area, 8 Line, 1 Cross Sensor 15 points (3 points cross type)

My new baby: SONY SLT-A37K DSLRThat is enough for now!

Well, all I can say is that I am very happy with the new cam and as soon as I can get a break, I will go out and take some pics. From what I have seen while playing with it, the pics are much clearer and especially the macro function delivers much clearer and sharper pics.


So, sometimes even bad events can turn into something good!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes even bad events can turn into something good

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