Another day in South Africa, or Crime is at the order of the day!

Living in South Africa is not easy on the wallet.

Two months ago I was in a car accident—nothing serious—and while the insurance paid for the repair of my car, I still had to pay an excess of R1850 (about $212). While to many, this doesn’t seem like much, to me it is.

Today, two weeks ago, on 7 December 2012, we were burgled in the early morning hours. My work laptop was taken, and also my Sony DSLR camera with its 18-70mm lens, a Tamron 70-300mm zoom lens, an external flash that was 4 days old, 2 compact flash cards (8Gb + 2Gb) and of course the camera bag. On this occasion the thieves used our pool broom pipe to hoist my work laptop and camera bag out of the room. They never entered the room. I put in a claim with my insurance and it will cost me an excess of R1850 to have my camera equipment replaced. The insurance will pay the rest. Just yesterday I heard that my claim was finalized and that my equipment will be replaced by Digital Experience (DE). Hopefully someone from DE will contact me today to go get my stuff.

So, yesterday I heard the good news of my claim being finalized. Today, not so good!

breakinwindow_altWe were woken up this morning at 03:13 by our house alarm being activated. I heard a thump on the window of the study next door and opened our bedroom curtain just to see one dude running right past our window and jumping over the wall of our next door neighbours. The other guy with the flashlight jumped over the back wall. Our armed response security guys were here within minutes, and only about 5 minutes later the police arrived. We looked over the back wall and found my computer screen standing in our neighbour’s back yard. One of the security guys went around to the other side of the neighbour’s house to get entry onto their property. He recovered the screen and also found the bag of break-in tools the thieves used. This time the thieves made off with my personal laptop, a digital camera and a video camera. What upsets me is that I cannot afford to replace any of these things because it will cost me another R1850 in excess payment, which I simply do not have.

As you can see from the photograph above, the gap that they used to enter the study is quite small (21cm x 47cm – 8.27in x 18.5in). The detectives were just here and they couldn’t believe that someone got through that small space.

The good thing about today is that I might get the replacement for my previous stolen camera equipment today. We’ll see!

Crime doesn’t pay!


Especially for the victims!

2 thoughts on “Another day in South Africa, or Crime is at the order of the day!

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