Google Chrome, Google Instant and Google thinking for us

Over the years I have migrated from one internet browser to the next. From the old Internet Explorer, to Netscape, to Opera, to Firefox and finally to Google Chrome. I have had problems with all of them. There is just no such thing as the perfect browser. (Oh, yeah! I also dabbled with Flock!).

Well, one thing that has been irritating me with Google Chrome (and I see that many Chrome users have had this problem), is that when you are logged into your Google account, and do Google searches, Instant predictions are always on and only 10 results are given per page, even when Instant predictions have been set to off and Results per page is set to 100. (See pic below)


Of course, Google has decided that they know best for Google Chrome users logged into their Google accounts. Of course, to by-pass this lousy scenario, you have to log-out of your Google account and then do your searches to get 100 “Results per page” and have Instant predictions stop intruding!

The good news is that there is a better solution.

What you need to do is create your own custom search engine in Chrome, even though it will still be Google that is used for the searches. So, once you have entered your search, you will see the Google Search Settings button, usually at the top right of your search screen.


Once you are in to the Google Search Settings screen, make sure you have set “Google Instant predictions” to “Never show Instant results” (that is my preference) and set “Results per page” to 100. Save your results.

Next, click on the Google Chrome settings button, and select the “Options” menu item from the dropdown menu.


Your Google Chrome should now have chrome://settings/browser in the URL address bar and the page you are facing should be the “Basics” page. Click on the “Manage search engines…” button to start creating a custom search engine. At this point Chrome should have chrome://settings/searchEngines in the URL address bar and the “Search Engines” page will be viewable.  Go to the bottom until you see the following:


This is where you will add your custom search engine.

In the first text box, type “Google (No Instant)” but do not include the quotation marks. In the second text box type “” and in the third type “” and press “Enter.” Now, simply look for the custom search engine you added (“Google (No Instant)”), hover your mouse cursor over it until the “Make default” button appears, and then click the “Make default” button to make “Google (No Instant”)” your default search engine. You should see the following in your list of search engines.


Problem solved and no more “Instant predictions” and you can see 100 search results, and not that paltry 10.

I hope this solves your Google Chrome search headaches.

I just wish that companies like Google, Facebook, and others will let their users decide what the default settings for those products should be. Give us the options, and let us decide.

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One thought on “Google Chrome, Google Instant and Google thinking for us

  1. TD September 30, 2013 at 23:58 Reply

    Thanks! This was exactly what I was looking for.

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