Found 2 lost German Shepherds (and reunited with their owners)

TwoLostGermanShepherdsI love animals. Any animals! So, on Saturday morning (18 June 2011), while I was in my study writing this blog post, I got a frantic call from my wife that there were two dogs at our gate. Of course, my first response to that was: “So, what?” My son insisted that I go out to the gate, which I did. That was when I found these two beautiful German Shepherds, just laying at the gate, drinking water out of a bowl which my wife supplied.

These dogs were obviously in good condition, although, tired! The black one drank a lot of water. I couldn’t just leave it at that, so I called my son to the cause of finding “Whitey” and “Blackey’s” home. Those were the temporary names I gave them. I know, not very imaginative names! I got our two leashes out and off we went, looking for a house with open gates, that may just need two dogs behind those gates.

We walked a little around the neighbourhood, asking gardeners, pedestrians and others if they have ever seen these two dogs at any house nearby. Nothing! In the meantime my wife had phoned the local vet who said that we could bring the dogs there and leave them there for the weekend. They have cages for the animals, so they kept and fed the dogs. The vet also told us that they could only keep the dogs until Monday morning and then they would have to call the SPCA. She also informed me that if the dogs landed up with the SPCA, they would be put down, more than likely, due to the SPCA being under-funded and under-staffed. This did not sound good to me, so I made a notice on A4 paper and posted it on the notice boards at our local SPAR and Pick’nPay in Elarduspark.

My son insisted that we fetch the dogs on Monday to bring them home. He wanted to keep them, especially the white one.

By Monday morning (yesterday), not having received any calls from the owners, I decided to call the SPCA in Centurion (nearest to us) and the Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre (WNARC), to inform them that if someone called about these dogs, they should give them my cell phone number. I also emailed them a picture of the dogs. I then called the vet, informing her that I would be picking up the dogs to come live with us. I just wanted to give the dogs a better chance of survival until we could find the owners. I didn’t want to think of the alternative! So, last night, my son and I fetched the dogs and brought them home. They were so happy to be out of the vet’s cages! As we were preparing to pick them up, my son desperately wanted to name them. Of course, we couldn’t, since they belonged to someone else!

Anyway, this morning as I was reading my Bible, I prayed that somehow, God would reunite these dogs with their owners. We simply do not have the funds to feed our two dogs, plus these two large dogs, and I did not want to anyhow eventually take them to the SPCA or the WNARC.

Well, God answered my prayer. My mother decided out of the blue to phone the SPCA herself, not knowing that I had done so already. She did not get through to the one in Centurion, and then called the one in Waltloo. It just happens that the Waltloo branch is very far away from us. In God’s providence, the owners had called there about their dogs yesterday, and they gave my mother the owners’ number. And, as things should be, these two beautiful dogs have now been reunited with their owners.

Most direct route that the dogs could’ve taken.

The amazing thing is that the owners live in Groenkloof, would never have seen our notices, and the most direct route to our house from there is 10Km. That means that these two dogs could have covered 15-20Km before ending up in front of our gate.

For those who may lose or find a pet, there are at least two websites where lost & found pets can be registered:

It is also a good thing to immediately call the SPCA and Wet Nose, so that they will know that the animals they have found actually have owners.

These two dogs did not have collars with tags on them, and I couldn’t find a chip in them. Remember, make sure that your dogs are identifiable. If these dogs had collars with name tags and contact info on them, they could have been reunited with their owners on Saturday already, when they went missing!

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