Phishers, go to h3l1

Spammers, scammers, phishers and the like, GO jump in the lake! Every now and again we get emails from people claiming to be officials of the company you presume they represent. Like today! I received this email from these morons that truly think that there are people stupid enough to provide their private info for these idiots to use. These bird brains claimed to be from GMail, and the message is as follows:

“We are shutting down some accounts due to congestion in our database system and your account was chosen to be deleted. If you are still interested in using our email service please click reply and fill in the space below for verification purpose:”

Here is the screen capture of it:


Please, even if your own bank seems to ask you to click on a link or want you to send them your login info, don’t be a dunce and actually do it! These freakazoids are evil and they will make use of your info for their own evil purposes.

And, when you receive an email from some nice sounding Christian person that needs to bring millions of $$ into your country, but they just need some money to make it happen, and could you please send them an amount of money to do it, even if they promise you $1,000,000… DON’T DO IT!

When you see emails like the one above, simply press DELETE!

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