Firefox 4 beta 1 still needs lots of work

I have been testing Firefox 4 beta 1 on Mac. While Firefox in general is a very good browser, this beta is in no way good enough to go into the next phase. I have  always been an Opera user, since IE simply seemed like such a stilted browser, and in the early years of Firefox, the quickest browser was Opera. However, a while ago I moved over to Firefox for basically 3 reasons: 1. Its speed improved dramatically, 2. the add-ons available for Firefox is simply astounding, and 3. Opera just didn’t work with all the websites I visit.

Unfortunately I haven’t been testing Firefox 40b1 on Windows to add any input there.

Problems I have encountered

40b1 on Mac crashes at request, and it never falters in its ability to crash. I simply have lost count of the amount of crash reports I have sent to Firefox through its crash manager and 40b1’s Feedback button.

Here are a few problems that I have encountered with Firefox 4 beta 1, and how I fixed them:

  1. Firefox crashed everytime I quit and presented me with its crash reporter. No exceptions!
  2. Everytime I wanted to save an image to my hard drive it didn’t even open a save file dialog box. It simply went away, and I ended up staring into the crash manager!
  3. I was unable to disable old incompatible add-ons by using the add-on manager. Everytime I selected an add-on to disable and then clicked the “Restart now” button… refer to point 1.
  4. When I started Firefox in safe mode in order to disable add-ons (by setting the checkbox “Disable all add-ons”), everything returned enabled after the restart!
  5. I eventually had to start Firefox in safe mode with the check box for “Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults” set. To disable my 20 add-ons that are incompatible with 40b1, I had to disable each one individually, restart Firefox in safe mode, and then disable the next one, and so on! Finally, having all these add-ons disabled individually, it now seems that points 1-3 are solved.

Irritation with Firefix!

A big irritation I have in general with Firefox, is that almost every time a new version of it comes out, some of my add-ons suddenly have to be disabled. I don’t understand the reason for that! When that happens you have to first do an add-on update to see if there are new versions of the add-on. Why can’t Firefox not be backward compatible with add-ons? There must be reasons for that, but in my opinion it is not a user-friendly design decision.

Anyway, that is how far I am with testing Firefox 4 beta 1.

If you have tested Firefox 40b1, what have your experiences been like?

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