Losing weight and taking responsibility for yourself

Is this your self image?

I was asked by a friend the other day how I had lost my weight, since she has tried several ways but none worked! I told her how I did it and decided to write about it.

I have now lost 15Kg (33lb) in about 2½ months. I am planning to lose another 5.6Kg (12.3lb).

I do not concentrate on what I eat, but when and how much I eat. In the beginning it takes a lot of discipline, simply because it goes against our psychological makeup and social trends. We’re always told to have our three meals a day at breakfast, lunch and supper. Others even tell us to eat 5 smaller meals a day!

The way it works is to physically listen to your body. You have to know when you are physically hungry and not just psychologically hungry because it is suddenly lunch time or supper time. You simply have to divorce yourself from the clock.

1. When to eat
Ok, so how do you know when you are physically hungry. This you know when you you feel a rumble (or bubbling) in your solar-plexus.

We generally feel rumbles in two places: the colon area (you can feel this around the belt buckle area) and the stomach (which hides behind the solar-plexus). You have to learn to differentiate between these two rumbles. When the stomach (solar-plexus area) rumbles, it is physically hungry.

If you feel that you are becoming hungry and know that super is still some time off, simply wait for supper! Of course, this way of eating can mess a little with family eating times, so while you are training yourself to wait for that true hungry feeling, train your body to hang on just that little longer so ou coul eat with the family.

2. What and how much to eat
When it comes to eating, you can literally eat what you like. If you want pizza you can have it. If you want chocolate for that meal, it is also fine. What it all comes down to is to stop eating once you feel satisfied and not when you feel full! If you feel full, then you have eaten too much already! The only way to know when you are satisfied is to eat slowly. If you rush your meal you will feel full long before you can even feel satisfied. To train yourself to eat slowly, you must take a sip of your drink between bites from your food. Then, once you feel satisfied (you no longer feel hungry), you stop eating, no matter what is left in your plate! Remember, you are not a vacuuming machine and don’t have to suck up everything in front of you!

The idea of this method is to teach yourself to only eat what you need. In essence, you must eat to live, and not live to eat. Before, I would eat a whole large pizza by myself. Now I am satisfied with 2 or 3 slices. Instead of my wife dishing up on a large plate at night, she now dishes up on a small plate for me.

3. Take responsibility for your weight
So, what you try to do with this way of eating is to be the master of your body, and to take responsibility for your own weight. This is not a diet! It is a better way of eating. In diets, we put the responsibility of losing weight on the food we eat and not on ourselves. Therefore, we in effect blame food for our weight problems and not ourselves. Psychologists today blame McDonalds and other fast food places for the state of children and adults’ weight. By blaming the food, they do not take responsibility for eating too much and therefore they are not accountable. So, if you go to McDonalds, don’t upsize your meal, and do not buy the big meals but the small ones.

In the end, it is all about when you eat (when you are hungry) and how much you eat.

4. In the beginning
If you intend starting this way of eating, your body may not grumble for a day or two (or more). Do not be alarmed! When I started, my body only became physically hungry (solar-plexus rumble) on the third day. And, that included a gym session in between! The reason it can take so long is that when you wait for that rumble the first time, your body will first start living off your body fat before it will require new sustenance. NOTE: It is very important to wait for this first rumble, otherwise you will never learn to "hear" it!

5. Hunger is your friend
The result of this way of eating for me is that I no longer eat breakfast, since I am usually not hungry at breakfast. I may eat one sandwich at lunch (if I am hungry) and then a moderate meal at night. What this has also taught me is that when I am hungry and I do not have food with me, I know I can wait and that I will not "die" if I wait until the next meal. That feeling of hunger actually has become my friend. Without that feeling, I know I am eating too much.

6. Restart yourself when you cheat
So, what happens when I "cheat?" What if I am invited by friends to a meal at a great steak restaurant, I could not control myself and ate way to much? Simple! Start the process from the beginning again! Obviously, if you cheat too often, then you need to look at your commitment to losing weight. You have only yourself to blame! You cannot point fingers at others or to food or McDonalds! You need to be in control of yourself, and become responsible for your own actions!

Remember, losing weight is more a psychological battle than a physical one!

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