Traveling to PE for wedding

So, on Sunday, Easter Sunday, that is, we are getting in our cars in order to drive to Port Elizabeth (33°58’53.96"S – 25°39’20.84"E) for a wedding. There are 10 of us going down, my wife’s parents and her sister and sister’s husband and kids, and us 4. We are traveling to Colesberg first to overnight at this little place (30°43’39.14"S – 25° 5’17.83"E). I can never remember the place’s name. Quickly "googled" it, and it is called Sunset Chalets. Perfect for an overnighter!

We will sleep over in Colesberg Sunday evening (4 April), and then from there we will complete the trip to P.E. The distance from Pretoria to Colesberg is around 700Km, depending on who you ask (here and here). Then from Colesberg to P.E. is another 440Km (here and here). So, the distance is a total of 1140Km (684mi). Of course, I think it is a waste of money to sleep over in Colesberg, especially since the distance is just a little over 1000Km, which can easily be done in a day.

My wife and I did the trip from Cape Town to Pretoria (1600Km) the day after the Argus Cycle Tour in 2006 in one day. We left CT at 06:00 and got back home at 20:00, a total of 14 hours.

But, be that as it may, we are going to P.E. and I hope the weather is going to be good. We won’t have much time for the beach. It seems like Tuesday is the only full day that we will have for the beach, and parts of Wednesday and maybe early on Thursday, but maybe not, since Thursday is wedding day, at 15:30. Hopefully there will be time on Friday.

Then, on Saturday we get back on the road to Pretoria. This time we drive straight through. School starts on Monday, 12 April, and we do not want to arrive home the very day before school starts. Too much pressure.

The people that we will see down in P.E. are all my wife’s family: aunts, cousins, etc. They are all great people, so luckily that is no problem. I just wish we had more time (and when I say "time," I really mean money) to be down there to actually make a proper holiday of it before the wedding week.

But, this is life, and God’s providence leads us in all kinds of interesting directions.

Of course, the question is, what books will I take on the trip, since I won’t be driving most of the way. I have ALL John Piper’s books on my laptop, but there are other books that I am busy reading that I would also like to continue reading. Decisions, decisions! I’ll have to think about that! OTOH, this may be a good time to study, since all my study materials are electronic and on my laptop. Maybe that is the better way to go. I do have a lot to catch up on!

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